Our Services

Auto Detailing

Professional Car Detailing Service in the Greater Toronto

Car wash

Reliable, fast and friendly car wash and car detailing

Rust proofing

 Rust proofing treatment will do wonders on your new or used vehicle

Interior protection

Protection is the most advanced custom fit vehicle protection

Non-drip Oil spray

Inside all doors and seams,Front & rear fenders Hood, truck & seams Under body spray everything (excluding: exhaust, oil pan, mechanical parts). Used Vehicle

Black wax Undercoating

Seals the underside of your vehicle against road salt, dirt,stone and gravel abrasion used by dealerships

Scotch Guard Protection

A fabric treatment that protects against soil & stains.For upholstery, leather and carpet.

Paint Protection

Protects against acid rain and bird droppings, protects the shine of paint
for approximately 17 months


Quality Car Care You Can Trust!